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Hide/unhide desktop icons

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I created a workflow that hides/unhides the icons on your desktop. I use this at work because i don't want others to see what is on my desktop.


just type "desktop hide" or "desktop unhide" to hide or unhide the icons.


Screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/453u2H050a2w


Download: http://cl.ly/1u330t3k1F19


I hope this is helpful for some of you.

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You created something "I" didn't even know I needed...but I do, I sooooooo much do, I would kiss your feet (well... not really but you get the idea)


Thank you thank you thank you



keep on workflowing ;)

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I just created my own workflow and then thought, "Hey I should check the Alfred forum." But mine's a slight improvement because I wanted something that just toggled hidden and unhidden states at a hotkey. Here's the modified shell script:


desktop=$(ls -lO ~/Desktop)
if  grep -q "hidden" <<< $desktop; then
chflags nohidden ~/Desktop/*
chflags hidden ~/Desktop/*

It's pretty quick and not having to remember an argument to pass in makes things easier.



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