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DEVONthink Document Search [updated to version 1.3]

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I'm having the same exact problem as the poster above.  The funny thing is it works fine on my home Mac Mini 2012 but its not working fine on my iMac at work.  I can see all my databases fine if I type in devondb, but I can't find anything if I do a search with devon [search term], it just goes to the default searches saying devon [search term] in Google or Amazon which is weird.  I'm not sure if there is a file missing or something or I need to modify permissions.


The funny thing is that if you do the same search in spotlight, it actually displays devonthink results.  So, it seems to work in spotlight, but not in Alfred.  It's really frustrating.





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I installed DEVONthink Document Search today for the first time and seem to experience the same problem, i.e. I can see my database with "devondb", but "devon search term" does not yield any results.


Could you please try to run the following command in terminal:

/usr/bin/mdfind "kMDItemContentType == 'com.devon-technologies.metadata.think' || kMDItemContentType == 'com.devon-technologies.metadata.thinkpro'"

Do you get any results?

When I run this command in the terminal, I don't get any results (i.e., just the new prompt). Does that indicate that it is a Spotlight indexing issue? Did something maybe change with Yosemite that broke the workflow?

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