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Displaying items as they echo


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Hey Andrew,


would it be possible / would you consider to have the items display in the results as they arrive? For some scripts with a little latency, it would be a major improvement. 


For example, I scripted something to get films : image from amazon, description and title from imdb. But getting one of these takes about a second or two. So a list of these is way too long... But if you could display them as they arrive! 


I hope you'll consider this one if it's not too much work. 


I'm having so much fun with this beta  :lol:

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I would love it if Alfred updated results as they echoed! I sometimes can't tell if my script is dysfunctional or just taking a while to download content. If I could echo something like "Loading results...Please wait", I would know a little better.

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I think both of your requests have nothing to do with Alfred but the way you implement your workflows.

Your workflow should be able to tell Alfred to display a "Please wait" feedback item, then populate the feedback list as soon as you receive data.

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