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Duplicate Contacts

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Had this problem initially with v1 and it was as simple as adding the metadata folder for said address book into Spotlights privacy but v2 now access's the contacts direct I presume after receiving the permission request.

My scenario is that I have my iCloud contacts and Facebook contacts in Contacts and a few of my friends are in both address books so is there a way to exclude a particular address book?

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@xilopaint If you type the name of your contact and press Cmd + Return to reveal it in Finder, take a look at where your duplicates are located. 


If you're using multiple sources (e.g. contacts in your local Address Book, synced contacts from Google and backups stored on your Mac containing vcards) you may find that multiple contacts appear.


Alfred will generally only open local contacts in the Contacts Viewer, but other results may be returned when they're within the search scope, so your best bet is to either tidy the less relevant contacts away outside of the search scope, or exclude them using Spotlight's Privacy tab.



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