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Uni Call [v6.031]: The missing universal audio, video call and text workflow for Alfred

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Hello is Uni Call still supported and functional? I use this quite a bit for Skype calling and it seems to no longer be working...

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I have Alfred set to sync via dropbox.

After setting up Uni Call every time I make a query it makes updates to dropbox, for example if I type, "callm name" dropbox gets an update before I even hit return to execute. Is this normal? Will Uni Call stop working if I dropbox is disconnected? Thanks.

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Uni Call stopped working with Skype with Skype's new update. Wondering if anyone knows how to update the script in Uni Call so that the number entered in Alfred goes into to Skype's Dialpad. 

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Hi there guys, look, Unicall if awesome, and works with PhoneAmego, too, which is great. Here is a question: how can I choose a particular line of my Cisco phone to dial with? I have different lines from different providers and would be nice to choose from. Now it just dails the 1st one and that's it.


Thanks for any help!

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