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Python: 'urlopen' seems to crash the script?

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(among other starter problems) I have the following problem:

The below script runs fine in the Mac OSX terminal.

But as an "run script" action (type "python") it hangs. When I delete the urlopen line the script runs to the end (but of course without a JSON result).

The small workflow is here: http://d.pr/f/K3t


So something seems to be wrong with the line "response = urllib2....":

import urllib2
import urllib
import json


params = {'url':url, 'title':'1','format':'json'}

response = urllib2.urlopen(endpoint+'?'+ urllib.urlencode(params))

    json_data = json.loads(response.read())
    print 'URL: '+json_data[u'long-url']
    #print 'Page title: '+json_data[u'title']
	print 'Sorry - could not find the long URL' 

How can I debug this?

How should I retrieve a JSON result from a webservice?


Thanks in advance!



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Sorry, guys - I am not sure why, but the workfow works no.


I have to find out how to catch an illegal URL - with a legal URL everythings works as expected




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