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AlfPT - Alfred Package Tools (Workflow Installer/Updater)

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UPDATE by Vero (Alfred's mum):

The AlfPT site was a pilot project for an installer/updater by Tom Hunt and is no longer available.



AlfPT was a wonderful idea by an Alfred user, Tom Hunt, to create a way for workflows to be updated and gathered in one place. However, Tom has decided to take the project offline (due to school/work commitments and the bandwidth requirements of that project). As such, documentation in this thread is now outdated.


Here's what's coming soon:

- Other users are working on their own repositories for workflows

- We are working on an official v2 Extras site, which will include curated workflows (which we've tested and checked) and themes


We'll also be publishing a few blog posts with our favourite and your favourite workflows very soon, so keep an eye on the blog for the links to the above! :)






The Unofficial Alfred Workflow Repository







Hi all


Introducing AlfPT - the easy way to install and update your Alfred v2 Workflows.


Download the AlfPT workflow here



Workflow Users


Once you've installed AlfPT use the following commands:


alfpt install {query} :  to find new workflows to install

alfpt install {query} -a {author} -b {bundleid} : filter results by author/bundle id. Both flags are optional.

alfpt update : to list any workflows you've installed through AlfPT that have new versions available. Select one to update.

alfpt update -f : to list all of your workflows, regardless of whether there are new versions available. Select one to update.


Workflow Developers


Want to get your workflows into the repo?


Visit the AlfPT homepage to register and start uploading workflows. 


If there are any files in your workflows that you do not want to be overwritten during the update process (config files and the link) prefix them with an underscore e.g _icons 



It's very likely that the AlfPT workflow will be updated regularly over the next few days so keep alfpt update-ing to get the latest release.


If you run into any problems just let me know.


Happy workflowing!




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Very nice!


I want to upload a new version of my github workflow, but I get this error message: 


Another user has uploaded a workflow with bundleid gharlan.github. Please choose another.


I think it's because I've uploaded the workflow before there was the registration…

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Awesome mate! I'm just adding a new workflow and it's sooo cool to be able to say:



Download and install workflow from here or use AlfPT :)





You're holding back Pedro... just found the TaskPaper Actions workflow via AlfPT. Are you doing a blog post on it's use? I also use TaskPaper & TicToc. Thanks.

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Same problem here. I guess that there is some problem with the XML that is returned to Alfred? I get this error message in the console:

2013-01-18 15:58:42,943 Alfred 2[30643]: [ERROR] Script XML Parse Error occured Error Domain=NSXMLParserErrorDomain Code=5 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 5.)"

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Florian - they should be available to download immediately after uploading, however if you have a workflow installed it won't be listed through alfpt install. However if you check alfpt update -f and see your workflow there it means it is available for download. Test the download if needed by updating through this method.


Thanks for the heads up about the error - I've changed the message to be more descriptive of the problem.



Jonas - you need to keep the bundle id's the same between uploads. One of your workflows has 'v1' at the end, the other doesn't. AlfPT treats them as two different workflows in this case. Log in to your admin area on the site to remove the one you don't want.

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Awesome workflow. Just one problem with the developer website: I tried to upload an extension (com.clintonstrong.RecentFolders), but I was prompted to log in again after hitting upload. I tried to reupload it, but it said it's already been uploaded, yet it's not listed under "Your Workflows". (Oh, and this is really minor, but there's a typo in the developer website's title.)

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Just finished uploading my best workflows. Some of which are no longer available on alfredforum. Check them out ;)


Which brings me to my suggestion : ability to look for a workflow my bundle ID and / or author as well as by name. Because your repository is soon going to be crowded, isn't it ?

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Wow, nice work tomhunt! This is extremely useful, especially since it is beneficial to every single user here. Thank you for taking the time to put this together, a much needed and sought after solution has now been implemented in a beautiful workflow. So cool, thanks again.


To all workflow creators, if you have adopted AlfPT, thank you! If you have not, please do. Cheers!

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You're holding back Pedro... just found the TaskPaper Actions workflow via AlfPT. Are you doing a blog post on it's use? I also use TaskPaper & TicToc. Thanks.

Yeah mate, sorry. I had to rush out and couldn't complete the post here, will do so ASAP. Meanwhile you can check basic fubctionality over on palobo.tumblr.com

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