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Log out of Amazon, YouTube or gMail account

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Hi Guys,


I kinda don't want to be logged in to my Google and amazon account all the time, so I log in via 1Password when I need to. I then found it annoying to alway manually log out. So I made a workflow. My first serious AppleScript, so let's see if it holds up ;-)


If anybody can tell me what the Facebook logout URL is, I'd be delighted ;) It clearly is missing.


You'll have to change the amazon logout URL if you don't use a German amazon account I'm afraid, sorry, I currently can't pull something more comfortable off in that regard.




The workflow detects whether you're on one of the sites it can you log out of, and simply goes to the logout URL, that's it. One hotkey, and you're set!


Suggestions very welcome :)


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