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Minimal [Updated - Download Available]


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I like mine minimal. 


v3 Download here (Over 1000 downloads already. Thank you all!)

v2 Download here

v1 Download here






Although you can't see it, it has a very slight transparency letting th back show just a tad.


Tip: Install the latest version and apply a blur to it. Looks SO cool.

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Minutes after posting I realised that export was available, Theme is now ready for download. Go nuts guys and enjoy. Hope you like it.


Let me know of any tweaks that can make it even better though ;)




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Suggestion: make the selection bar darker. Its so hard to tell where it is! I made mine a little more grey.

The text of the selected result is darker than the rest. But yeah, I'll have a play and see what works well.


The best theme for me so far, should be the default one ! This font is really really cool. Thank you !

Thanks, glad you think so :)

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Just a very minor update to this. Feel like I have it just where I want so shan't be changing much more.


Now with a little more contrast in terms of text and a very slight backgound highlight for the selected item. Also changed the selected text to a pale shade of the text.


Hope you all like it.




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