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Minimal [Updated - Download Available]

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I like mine minimal. 


v3 Download here (Over 1000 downloads already. Thank you all!)

v2 Download here

v1 Download here






Although you can't see it, it has a very slight transparency letting th back show just a tad.


Tip: Install the latest version and apply a blur to it. Looks SO cool.

Edited by Pedro Lobo
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Suggestion: make the selection bar darker. Its so hard to tell where it is! I made mine a little more grey.

The text of the selected result is darker than the rest. But yeah, I'll have a play and see what works well.


The best theme for me so far, should be the default one ! This font is really really cool. Thank you !

Thanks, glad you think so :)

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Just a very minor update to this. Feel like I have it just where I want so shan't be changing much more.


Now with a little more contrast in terms of text and a very slight backgound highlight for the selected item. Also changed the selected text to a pale shade of the text.


Hope you all like it.




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