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I'm making a workflow that toggles an application feature on or off via a gui applescript. However, I'd like to have the workflow send a notification to the user indicating whether the feature has been enabled or disabled. How would I go about implementing this?


Is there no way to read the current value of the settings via a plist setting?

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The program is called F.lux. I'll post the workflow to share shortly. Here's what I see thus far in the plist:




It doesn't seem like there's a value for such a setting.


You can adjust the day and night color temp from the plist and if F.lux is running, that will adjust the color of the screen. I just tested it out and it works.


I manually set my color temp all the way down, then dropped to a terminal and did:

defaults write org.herf.Flux dayColorTemp 6500

and the screen slowly brightened back up to where its supposed to be. The same would work for nightColorTemp

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