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Workflows: Hotkey trigger doesn't pass prefix text to workflow [Fixed v.2.0.4 pre-release]

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As of Alfred 2.0.3:

  • Create a hotkey trigger
  • Select action `Pass through to workflow`
  • Select argument `Selection in OS X` *or* `OS X Clipboard contents`
  • Enter a text prefix 

When this hotkey is pressed, the prefix is ignored - it is not prepended to the OS X selection / clipboard content - only the selection / clipboard text is passed on to the next workflow step.


I'm not sure these combinations were  ever *meant* to work, but the UI currently allows them.


I can see how these combinations are useful, though:

For instance, you could use the prefix text to pass a flag to the next workflow step signal[l]ing that input was provided via hotkey (+selection/clipboard content).



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Thanks, Vero.


It works in principle, but the prefix isn't passed through if there's no selection in the frontmost app.


Is that the intent? I'd rather see it passed through unconditionally.


I think you're probably right. I've re-opened the ticket to have a think about this before 2.0.4 is released :)

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