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Python Documentation: Search Python documentation with suggestions and define functions

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Hi all,
This is an Alfred v2 workflow to search the online Python documentation. It loosely emulates the behavior of the (javascript-based) Sphinx search function of the site.
Download v1.0 and import into Alfred v2.

  • py [your search string] - search in the online Python documentation
    • the Python3 documentation is available with py3
    • selecting an item will open the corresponding documentation page, highlighting the search string
    • you can quicklook the documentation without leaving Alfred with ⌘Y


  • modifier keys
    • cmd - returns a succinct definition for function entries from the local pydoc (Python 2 only)​
    • fdopen_doc.png?raw=true
    • ctrl - forcibly rebuild the local index​


  • tab-completion
  • list module contents


  • fuzzy logic




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