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Hey, looking for a workflow to toggle hot corners on and off.  I only use the bottom right to show desktop. Although a natural language workflow would be sweet.


e.g. Hotcorner top right desktop


Even just on and off, that remembers the last state?


I know nothing of coding, but I'm super proud of the guys that have helped me out in the past, this is an awesome community.



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Here are two applescripts you can download: http://www.skinyourscreen.com/site/Articles/easily-disable-mac-expose-hot-corners


NOTE: you will have to modify the enablehotcorners to add the functions for each corner that YOU use ... by default the bottom right corner shows the desktop though.


One turns the hotcorners on, and the other turns them off.

This should be easy enough to add to a blank workflow in alfred with keyword to script ... just for a start.


If I get some time I MIGHT see if I can modify them to be "even more useful in the alfred environment". But in the meantime, maybe someone else can chime in, because these can be extremely useful for those running fullscreen games that need to toggle those darn corners!

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Hey Rodger,


Thanks for those scripts, and that's exactly why I want to disable the hot corners - full screen gaming.


Never got to say thanks for making the About this Mac workflow, couldn't of turned out any better.

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