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Store images in Alfred's clipboard history, allow images in clipboard snippets

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Okay, this doesn't look like it's is going to show up any time soon, so I took Deanishe's advice and looked for an alternative clipboard manager. I've tried a couple of them over the last couple of months, and finally settled on this one:




It looks good, balances functionality and weight pretty well and isn't too expensive.


It supports rich text and images and it can also share clipboards between a Mac, an iPad and an iPhone on the same iCloud account. It's really useful to be able to take a picture on the iPhone and have it instantly available on the Mac without any faff.


Now that I've been running this for a while, I agree with Deanishe: some things are best left to an application crafted to do those things, which is why I turned off Alfred's clipboard function and just run with Copied.


I'm not tied in any way to Copied's developer; I just think it's worth a look, especially if you want to share clipboards across devices.

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