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The Ability to access the trigger keyword in workflow script


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This has been talked about in the workflows forum, but I'd like to make an official feature request...


It would be great if, especially for "spaceless", keywords you could access the keyword used with the {query} for a script.


That way you could make triggers like "bugticket-123" or "supportcall-123" that fire the same script

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I'd rather not have a separate keyword if I can avoid it.


I'd like to be able to just type in "bugticket-123" and it open my bug tracker, rather than have to type something like "bt bugticket-123".


There are only a certain number of pre-fixes I use, register, to be my 'keywords'.


Whats the different between actions and outputs?

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I don't foresee this becoming a feature (reading the keyword). This same thing could be accomplished in so many ways. 


You could..

a. Create multiple keywords, multiple actions (bugticket keyword and action, supportcall ticket and action) to do each one. You can't copy an action and paste it yet, but copying and pasting the code could easily be done.

b. Multiple inputs with the same keyword that use a single script function, make each keyword call the function differently, passing what you want, and the argument.

c. Script filter that allows multiple options, and the script filter passes bugticket (or supportcall) + the arg.


Do these options make sense? If not I can try to describe them further or I could build you a few generic examples

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