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Cloud anyone make a workflow for wunderlist?

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Wunderlist is one that's kinda tricky to build a workflow for because of the way they store/use/sync data. It's all written (at least last I checked) to a local SQLite database. Syncing doesn't occur unless the app is open, if you write to the database while the app is open, the new event is in the database, but won't sync to the cloud until next time the app is opened. Last time I tried, I also had a hard time getting some events to sync because of the UID associated to each created event. I could be wrong, but I believe it was assigned by the server. If you generated one and just stuck an event in the database, it may show up in Wunderlist, but most of the time it didn't sync properly.


According to the guys at  6Wunderkinder, they are planning an API for Wunderlist. When that arrives, making a workflow for interacting with Wunderlist will be much easier. Until then, it's not extremely useful.

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