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SafariTabs - switch between tabs, close tabs to the right/left

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Updated version with more features and support for Google Chrome - BrowserTabs



SafariTabs Features


  • Close all tabs to the right or left of the active tab in Safari with a keyboard shortcut (recommended shortcuts - Command+Left / Right Arrow)
  • Move to the left / right tab with keyboard shortcuts (recommended shortcuts - Command+Alt+Left / Right Arrow)
  • Move to the first or last tab in the Safari window with keyboard shortcuts (recommended shortcuts - Command+Alt+Up / Down arrow

Install the workflow, add your own shortcuts for each command.



Help for the keyboard shortcut setup:


  • closeleft - closes all tabs to the left
  • closeright - closes all tabs to the right


  • tabright - activates the next tab to the right
  • tableft - activates the next tab to the left


  • lastTab - activates the first tab, to the left
  • firstTab - activates the last tab, to the right

Download SafariTabs

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