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goAlfred: A library for the go language to make Alfred workflows

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I just started a new library for the "http://golang.org" - go programming language from Google. It has all the basics to create a workflow using go. I will be adding to it. If you think of a function that needs to be in it, let me know or fork the library and do a pull request. You can get the library and example program https://github.com/raguay/goAlfred.

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I just updated the GitHub site for easy importing. To get the library, you have to run:


go get github.com/raguay/goAlfred           (you might need to use 'sudo' depending on your configuration of go)


To use the library in your program, just include it with:


import "github.com/raguay/goAlfred"


Have fun. I am!

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I like this! :) - I was already planning on rewriting my Workflow for installing applications in Go, i just havent gotten around to it yet, do to the fact, that I dislike publishing an executable instead of a script :/


We'll see, maybe I start rewriting my Workflow this weekend.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to how this Library is going to develop, thank you for that!


(Btw. I am going to write a pull request right today, just fixing your Readme somewhat.)

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Hi laerador,  Thanks for the help with the readme. I am new to Markdown and using GitHub, but I am learning. The library right now is very basic (I patterned it after the workflow.php library). If you think of any new functions or write them, just let me know and I will add them into the main. I would like to see this go well since it helps the workflows run so much faster! I am working on my AlfredTimeKeeper to move it to go as well. Stay tuned!

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Just added two new functions: setting a default message string so the ToXML will always produce something usable, and a conditionally add XML string based on the title containing part of the string passed. Alfred Time Keeper is making use of these additions. Also, the ToXML routine only creates xml for items that have a title. Others are ignored.

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