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[Request] Interarchy workflow

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Hi all,


I'm starting this thread to ask... is there someone able to create an interachy workflow that could read and execute the stored bookmarks?


The app is found in: http://nolobe.com/interarchy/ 


i.e. I have a bookmark to mirror two folders, one local, and other remote. It's what I use in webdev – do the stuff in localhost, test, then mirror the changes. It would be great if this could be faster, even if by a couple of seconds.





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Hmm still no answers... perhaps its not possible? I don't really know what kind of script support has interachy...


Mmm I looked around at this for a minute and it seems like it is possible. What all locations would you want it to search? Just Bookmarks? Bookmarks Bar? They are each stored in individual plists so each one has to be read and parsed and then searched through, so the fewer the better.

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Thank you for the will to help! I guess the most useful scenario would be to make it work with just the bookmarks, since I use the bookmarks bar as a shortcut to some of them. But Alfred is the perfect shortcut, so no need for that bar ;)

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