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Wunderlist 2 Workflow [alpha]

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Here's a quick workflow for wunderlist 2, it uses its undocumented api


To use it you need to edit the file wunderfred.py in the workflow, there is a line that you need to edit your login credentials to:

       w = Wunderlist("email","password") #<<< Add login credentials here!

It has 3 commands.


wlup - updates the cached list (takes a while)

wlt - lists the tasks filtered by whatever you type after the keyword. If you select a task and hit enter, it will be marked completed.

wla - adds a new task to the list you select by searching. whatever is after the : will be written to the task


WARNING: I do not have the time and will therefore not support this workflow, I just put it out there, for someone to pick it up and hone it into a more polished workflow. It works fine for me and has all that's necessary, but there are several things that could be improved. (e.g. login credentials, convenient way to set importance and other things required.). Also it might break at any time if wunderlist changes their api, as it is not documented, there is also no guarantee for it to stay that way. If you feel on improving on it, let me know, I will gladly link this thread to your version. 


Download: http://d.pr/f/J7v0


Credits: Based on the reverse engineering and code done by bsmt: http://bsmt.me/blog/2013/03/02/reverse-engineering-the-wunderlist-api/

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I am having issues with getting this to work. I opened the file and updated the email and password strings and I still can not get it add items. Do you have to have a premium ACC with wunderlist for this to work?

Not just you. I couldn't get this to work either. Tried everything but no dice. The script doesn't seem to accept any input once you do the 'wla' command.



Also, I have a Wunderlist Pro account so that doesn't matter. 

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