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Help with file filter workflow

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I have created a workflow to assign a hotkey to a custom file filter searching but when I select any item, for example an app and then I press enter the app doesnt run. I dont know if it is a bug or I am doing something wrong but always I use my own custom searchs I need to press the left arrow and then press open action due to this problem.

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What does it do when you try to action the item? Open in finder? I don't remember what it does by default and I can't test right now. I'm at Best Buy :) (I'm waiting on my wife and mom, they are at another store next door haha). Anyway the file filter may be essentially replicating the functionality of using the "Find" keyword. The find keyword by default reveals the file in finder instead of opening. The open keyword would open. If that's what it's doing, you could always press command+o to open the file instead of having to go to a list of actions.

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