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Better development for workflows

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I would like to suggest a better development workflow for workflows (no puns)


Currently my process is, develop in /www , test it out with alfred by appending /www/path_to_script.py in alfred.

After I'm done, I need to copy path_to_script to the alfred workflow dir. and change the paths.

This is fine when there's 1 file, but when I want to update, I need to do the same process again.


There's the option of symlinking, but for each new file a new symlink should be added and it's a long process.


I would like to suggest the same thing for Alfred, Instead of creating a folder for new workflow, suggest the possibility to use a local folder, thus making a dev able to test his workflow while working the way he's used to and then export the workflow file to everyone else.



As in Chrome, you can install extensions, and they sit in /App Prefs, or if you're a developer you can install directories as extensions, and chrome would recognize those as extensions.


Please tell me what you think, this will remove most of the hurts while developing an awesome Alfred workflow.


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