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Add journal entries to a dated note in Evernote

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Example:   log My new journal entry!


Download: http://goo.gl/FWx92 (.alfredworkflow file)


Here's a sample of what this command creates:



The script will auto-create the notebook and dated note if they don't yet exist. The bold time text will automatically be added to the note every time you log a new entry.


Note that right now, the notebook will always be named "Work Journal."

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This is pretty great. I use it frequently now. In fact, I've basically created a 3-5 of them so that I could manage different "quick journals". So I have a personal journal, a work journal, super fast "on the fly" notes for things people mention and then vanish and another for a basic shopping list plus a couple others. 


All of which live inside your workflow in Alfred.


So I've edited and duplicated your script a handful of times.


Currently I invoke the workflow with (in my case I use "-jw" ("journal work"), "-jp" ("personal journal"), this way when I type "-j + whatever" and I get a list of the various journals and then insert the entry. 


It would be really nice if the system could do all the work. Like a "setup" option that let you add new Journals with individual keywords or perhaps a menu listing the available journals to enter text into.


Not sure if anyone else would find this useful but I like it. 


The append functionality offered by other Evernote extensions can be laborious and defeat the purpose of "quick entry" when the keyword commands are longer than the note you want to enter! :)


So if you suddenly feel compelled it would be awesome if you wanted to add a setup option along with that functionality. I know it's a lot to ask but, hey, you never know.


Only if there's a demand for it I guess, if no one else is bothered then don't worry about it. I can just keep duplicating the script as I have been. 


Thanks loads!


p.s. I edited a custom Evernote icon I found on Google Images and made a few variations to help identify the journal one might be looking for: http://cl.ly/Q0iU

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I used this workflow with some modifications, but It stoped working with 5.60 evernote release. 


Debug says:

[ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.applescript] {

    NSAppleScriptErrorAppName = Evernote;

    NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = "Operation would exceed monthly upload allowance.";

    NSAppleScriptErrorMessage = "Evernote got an error: Operation would exceed monthly upload allowance.";

    NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = 1;

    NSAppleScriptErrorRange = "NSRange: {1000, 59}";



If interested - there is my modificated script that doesn't work now. 


UPD: The problem is solved with 5.61

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Hi all,


I've been able to update my script to work properly. Here's a link to the raw AppleScript (suitable for creating a Service in Automator, etc.). I've posted the link to my Dropbox account so it won't disappear again.


Note that this script is hard-coded to look for a Notebook called "Day Logs".

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Here is an updated version of the Alfred Workflow: download [.zip]


This version has been tested against Alfred v2.5.1 (308) and Evernote v6.0.5 (451190 Direct).


Here's how entries look in Evernote:

Icon for this updated Workflow is from this page. If you are the artist that created this icon and would like it taken out of this Workflow, please send me a message.
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This workflow has become a necessity for me. Thanks for updating and keeping it working. From reading the previous answers here I understand that the Notebook will be titled "Day Logs".


Novice question: Will it be possible to change or work around this rule. I already have an Evernote Notebook titled "JOURNAL" and want desperately to use your workflow to send my notes into this notebook. 


Appreciate your help and thanks for making Alfred better.

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I have this error every time:
[ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.script] 1075:1127: execution error: Evernote got an error: Operation would exceed monthly upload allowance. (1)

Where should i look for fix?

-- NORMAL --



As the error message says, this particular entry would take you over the maximum allowed monthly upload with Evernote. If you're using the free version of Evernote, you can either upgrade to the paid version of Evernote or wait until your monthly allowance renews.


You'll find more details about your account status in your Evernote app under Evernote > Account Info. 


If that doesn't make sense and Evernote still says you have tons of allowed data left, then pop any more details and fellow users (or the Evernote support team) might be able to help figure out what's happening :)




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For some reason this workflow does not work correctly with newest alfred (3) and evernote version. After a few entries added it stops adding new ones. Could you fix it please? I use it on a daily basis and could live without it lol ;)

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I'm running into the same upload error:

[2016-05-25 13:24:57][ERROR: action.script] 1112:1164: execution error: Evernote got an error: Operation would exceed monthly upload allowance. (1)

Even though I have 99% (59.9 MB) remaining for the month (Free version). I only did 20~ logs with on average a few words long.


Does anyone know why the upload limit would pass when the data size being passed is negligible?


Thanks in advance for your help!


Trying to to debug now...

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