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easy way to identify a particular mac & vary workflow behavior on that basis?

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Title pretty much says it all.  I have a workflow which is syncing via Dropbox, & which I use on three different machines, but which requires a hard-coded path that varies on each of the machines.  Is there a quick and easy system variable or something I can use to identify which machine I'm running on?  Applescript or bash-based preferably....


I realize this isn't really an Alfred Q. but hopefully someone can help.




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The System name is a fine way of doing this, especially when you know each system is different. But if you have 3 iMacs in different places and they are all named the same, there is an issue.


I might have suggested using the system serial number, as every system has a unique one:



in terminal

system_profiler SPHardwareDataType | awk '/Serial Number/ {print $NF}'

outputs the serial of that system.

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