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Special latin characters in {query} (umlaut)

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I have problems to get a phrase like "Müller" correctly transfered into a script.

The "ü" (LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH DIAERESIS - utf-8 = c3+bc) does not reach my python-script via the imput placeholder "{query}".


For testing I tried a mini Script-Action (Bash) with "Müller" as the search word:

echo "{query}" | xxd > somefile.txt

The "ü" seems to represented as 75+cc+88 (in context: 0000000: 4d75 cc88 6c6c 6572 0a )

echo "Müller" | xxd

in the OSX terminal displays: 0000000: 4dc3 bc6c 6c65 720a


Any ideas?




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