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EggTimer v2 [updated to 2.0 final]

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Hi guys! Is there a chance to pause the timer, or add something similar to the workflow? (For the people that's interrupted 4 o 6 times in an hour)


Thanks in advance!

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On 7/12/2017 at 7:36 PM, Basket said:

Just tried "timer nuke" and I'm unfortunately still having the same problem, I'm on High Sierra so that may be causing some kind of issue? Thanks for the suggestion by the way, I really appreciate it!


The same issue here using El Captain :/

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Here is my own custom version : https://github.com/lucianosantana/EggTimer2  (based on the updated version for Alfred 3 by @ianhowson)

For the issues with the notification I had to change the notify_functions.sh .
I've completely erased the original and added the following : 

notify () {

if [ "$5" = alarm ]; then

osascript <<EOD
set img to POSIX file "$nc_icon"
display dialog "$3\n$4" with title "$1" with icon img buttons {"OK"}


I'm using AppleScript to display a Dialog (not a notification). This way the message sticks on the screen until I interact with it and I don't loose the reminder if I'm temporarily away.

I also had to invert the order of execution of the sound and alert. Originally it executes the notification then the sound. But changing the notification to dialog blocks the script execution, therefore the sounds executes after user interaction. To solve this issue just search for 

afplay sounds/alarm_done.mp3 &

in the files timer_alarm.sh , timer_auto.sh and timer.sh . Then move it just before the notify command.

Might be helpful for you @Basket and @Dzier .


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Hey @Luciano Santana, I love what you did with this workflow. Was thinking that it'd be nice to be able to trigger additional timers from the pop-up window...any ideas on how to accomplish that? Would it be easy to assign additional buttons to the task(s)?


For example, setting timer for '25 Are you still working?' and having the option to set an additional 25 min by clicking 'Yes' (context-specific) or '25 min' or whatever on pop-up window...

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On 5/17/2018 at 2:35 PM, Russell Davis said:

@Luciano Santana (and anyone else following along), there are a few commands (Create New Timer, Create New Alarm, and View Recent) that are still broken in Alfred 3. I have a branch that fixes them. (I also submitted a PR to Luciano's repo.)


Super newbie question -- how do I add this branch into Alfred as a workflow?


Also, to anyone reading, I could use some help integrating parts of this workflow into another. Right now, I start work by typing "start work", and the apps I use open and the webpages I need to start with also open. I'd like have my "start work" command also start a repeating 30 minute timer to remind me to take a break. Anyone know how I could do that within the workflow manager?

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13 hours ago, Chamend said:

how do I add this branch into Alfred as a workflow?


Download the zip file from the repo (Clone or download > Download ZIP) and extract it. Go into the new directory, select all the files, right-click and choose "Compress 11 Items". That will create Archive.zip. change the name to Archive.alfredworkflow and double-click it.


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the `recent` option seems broken for me, even in the version @Russell Davis provided, on macOS 10.14 Mojave. I can't see the alarms I'm setting after typing `recent`, it says there are no alarms or timers set. 

Does anybody else have the same problem?

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