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Access apps menus via Alfred.

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Sometimes, it might be helpful to access apps menus via Alfred.


For example: 

Typing the first few letters of System preferences, having System preferences selected, hitting tab, having all the system preferences menus (General, ... , Sharing) displayed, typing the first few letter the menu I want to access, enter. 



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Could you please give another example of your use case? System preferences might be a bad example since the way it works is very specific (very few apps present information like that), and you can already access its “sub options” via Alfred, simply by typing them.

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I believe me is referring to the ability to access different things or widgets in a program. Much like "Short Cat" app(http://shortcatapp.com/). It is a free app while in beta testing, but it gives quick keyboard usability to many OSX apps. You have to have the accessibility preference set to use it. It works pretty well, but is somewhat buggy. But, I have been able to use it to cut down the number of trips to the mouse!

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I gave System preferences as an example because I red  that I could assign keyboard shortcuts to System preferences menus. So, once in System preferences, I could hit a  hotkey instead of typing the menu's first few letters in the search box. But then I thought, I won't spend X minutes assigning keyboard shortcuts to menus if the wonderful buffer can help me directly access to the menu (from the Alfred search bar).


So I though "there certainly should be other use cases where it is useful to access app's sub menus directly from Alfred search bar". What use cases? Um.... Good question :-)


Thank you for the sub options tip. It is exactly what I was looking for!



Shortcat app is interesting but as you said "it is buggy".

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