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Clipboard "Actions"

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Another feature I miss from ClipMenu: the ability to define custom actions. In ClipMenu I could use Javascript---and perhaps different languages, I never tried---to manipulate a snippet before posting. For example, I had actions to convert a snippet to a comma separate list, to convert case, etc. When pasting with a specific keypress or key/mouse combo I could select the action to be performed on the text before it was pasted. That would be great to have in Alfred!



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How difficult is it to create a workflow that wouyld allow me to search and select from the clipboard history and then perform the specified action? The nice thing about the other method was that the action was abstract and could be performed on any history item. I'm assuming it can be done, but it doesn't look easy (to me). I'll have to dig around in it.


I still think it would be nice to have an actions option built into the clipboard :)

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