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Remember the last typed query for 5 mins [It's back!]

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The command history is great, but it would be nice to have that in conjunction with the ability to remember the last typed query.


I use the calculator functions extensively and frequently toggle Alfred as I'm typing out equations. It's quite a bit more difficult to do that with just the command history.



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Loving all the new features! They are all very exciting. 


Just wanted to echo what quoquus is saying. There is a counter-intuitiveness to the history feature at the moment. When the user is browsing the history and pushes "down", I suspect they are expecting one of two potential outcomes.

1) navigating the reverse direction in the history

2) navigation of the currently displayed search results. 


Currently the functionality is in line with 2. But the problem, as I see it, is that this immediately pushes the user out of the history, so continued pushing of the up arrow after pushing the down arrow does not result in navigating to the next history item, it scrolls through the search results, circling back from result 1 to result 20.  


Perhaps it could be configured so that if the user arrows to the first search result after a downward arrow press while browsing the history, the user can continue through the history instead of being taken from result 1 to result 20. 


Alternatively, what about choosing an alternative keystroke? Page up/down or fn-up arrow/down arrow? 


either that or we can all just learn to adapt!

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Just on little bit to the command history. I found myself running past the item I was looking for, therefore I thought to have a "down arrow" that cycles back in the list would be nice.


We've spent a while deciding how to do this, but the logical behaviour is that the down arrow allows you to start taking action on the content of the search box. So I might hit the right arrow once, find the result I need, then hit the down arrow to go and pick what I need out of Alfred's results.


If you've gone past the item you need, you can hit backspace to empty the text field and start from the most recent item again. :)

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Of course, I didn't think of the implications with down arrow, and certainly starting over would work well.

How about rigth arrow in the empty box to show the history?  But I think, that is a minor topic anyway.

I also like the idea of right/left arrow history access, with some interface to see your history. When I heard about this feature, I imagined something like a results panel except upside down and with 1 history entry per box; I now imagine the same thing, only jutting off of Alfred's left side. Since a query from the history is highlighted, the right arrow would logically remove the history interface without actioning the first item.


Just thinking out loud  :).

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I've found an issue cycling the history when using Navigation i.e. have typed in "~" or "/". It prevents you cycling the history, can these be excluded from the history?


It is super useful to have Navigation in the history though. But it is annoying how it block cycling the history indeed...

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I too miss the last command performed, specifically for the reason bwanamatt said above: calculator. 


I agree with what people are saying regarding use of keys to show history, and my personal opinion is that left and right keys is more intuitive (we're used to seeing left and right on browsers windows, undo/redo, etc.) and that would also mean  the up/down ambiguity would not exist. (there's still a problem with left right and cursor movement)


Anyway, I0m sure you did a thotough analysis of this and decided up was the least tradeoff. 

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I concur with much of what others have said and agree with Vero about the down arrow and right arrow conflict.  Few options… although I am sure you have thought this through a great deal.


A few key history features that fit with the overall workflow… these were all mentioned in this thread but here is a quick list of what I found to be the best/most useful ideas. In order of easiest to implement/re-implement in my opinion but then again I don't know how the internals of v2b are set that would prevent these options.


  • - Re-implement last search being there automatically when I Alfred is re-activated. Again, an option implemented exactly the way it was in v1 gives users the option to choose what works best for them (Jono)  - I very much/need to see this feature back lol.


  • - Cycle through command history with the ↑ when the last item has been reached. Of course deleting the query and starting over works but an option in the advanced tab under the pre-existing history section would allow this for users who prefer this method. (Luca Soldaini) - Another great idea that I would choose if the option were available.


  • - In an empty search field allow users to hit the → button to view a list of history items, Vero and Andrew would know best how to implement this so I won't even attempt a suggestion but would be cool and in the spirit of alfred's quick view results and access them. (quoquus) 


Sorry to re-iterate what has been said but I do not see any conflict with these proposed solutions that can't be fixed with a quick preference checkbox option. But as others previously mentioned, if we have to adapt we will. You have us hooked!


Thanks for opening up this forum to give us an area to share ideas with you two. Keep up the great work!

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Does this need to be turned on in the settings somewhere? I'm not seeing the last entry retained (unless I hit up arrow) on b68.

Same place it was in v1 I believe. Go to Advanced -> On the left side under History -> second checkmark "Show latest history if within 5 minutes"


Thanks devs for getting this back in there!

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