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Everyone ending up here because Asana Quicktask is not working anymore with the API 1.0 Api key or has a broken Asana Quicktask Workflow because the workspace ID is not working anymore: 


API 1.0 key deprecated

The api key is deprecated, but you can replace this easily with a personal access token: https://app.asana.com/0/developer-console Use the token as you would have used the api key. 


Broken workspace id

Asana changed something in their API when it comes to id's and the 'id' is deprecated. They now use gid, which is easily fixed in the workflow. Go to asana.php line 440 (in version 2.2) and change $workspace['id'] into $workspace['id']. If you use a specific project instead of a space, probably the same happens on line 466 and 469. 

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