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Get RSA Key

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This is very simple alfred workflow that will launch RSA SecurID, copy the current key to the clipboard, and then close the application.


I've uploaded a ready to import workflow as well as all the various components.


This is my first attempt at an alfred workflow so any feedback is welcome.


** Updated **

Added ability to optionally pass a pin code if required.

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Thanks for making this available. One alternative to manually entering the PIN is saving it in the OS X KeyChain (in my case I save it as "RSA SecurID PIN" and then retrieving it with:


security -q find-generic-password -gl 'RSA SecurID PIN' 2>&1 | egrep '^password' | awk -F\\\" '{print $2}')


And then using this instead of {query} in the bash script, i.e.:


osascript Get-RSA-Key.scpt $(security -q find-generic-password -gl 'RSA SecurID PIN' 2>&1 | egrep '^password' | awk -F\\\" '{print $2}');
echo Copied key to clipboard: `pbpaste`

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