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Customize printing menu

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It would be really nice if smbd created workflow that allows to "customize printing"

Examples of what should be possible to do with shortcuts would be any combination the following
- "print to PDF" instead of printing on paper (without having to select "print" then "PDF" then "save to PDF" in the menus!!!)
-save the printed PDF  with the same name as the original file
- use the desktop as the location where to save the printed file
-select different printing settings ('presets')
-  select which pages to print 
-Mail the file instead of saving to the desktop
- let the "author" field to be empty
you get the gist...


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I wrote this: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1782-save-current-keynote-document-as-pdf/ for Keynote.  The issues are that print dialogs vary from app to app and are generally not visible in Applescript, requiring a whole lot of UI scripting (i.e. simulating the clicks and selections that the user would do with a mouse).  Keynote 6 introduced new dialogs that broke my script, another unfortunate by-product of needing to rely on UI scripting to do this.


I doubt that it would be possible to do this in a generic form, but it is possible for a particular app if you have a lot of patience and time to figure out the UI scripting.

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