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Activate a 1Click Bookmark from within a workflow

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It would be really useful to be able to log in to a web page using its 1Click bookmark from within a workflow. Note that I'm NOT asking for any new integration to mess with the logins and passwords -- others have requested this and you've already rejected it (quite rightly, in my view).


All I need is a workflow action similar to the URL action but using the name of a 1Click Bookmark. This is exactly what I can ask Alfred to do from the Alfred Window, I'd just like the same capability within a workflow. Note that it's not possible to do this using the existing scripting commands since 1P is not scriptable: only Alfred knows the secret handshake!

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Easy. I do not have 1Pass (I use LastPass-Which would be nice to have in Alfred ;-), but the instructions are here:




Follow the instructions for making a one-click login using FireFox. The url you drag is the url you need to open. Just copy that into a "Open URL" in a workflow and activate it using a hotkey. Presto - a one click password hotkey (OCPH - a new acronym). Try it out. I think it should work.


UPDATE: I just downloaded a trial version and this approached worked really well. Maybe I'll switch...

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