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New Workflow: OctoPOW

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I just created a new workflow to help me manage my GitHub pages. I am using Octopress and POW to generate the GItHub pages locally. Then I simply tell Octopress to deploy them to GitHub with this workflow. Much easier than using WordPress in a lot of ways. Octopress is a lot of fun. I hope some of you will give it a try!


This workflow assumes you have octopuses and pow installed on your computer with each octopress site linked into the ~/.pow directory. The POW workflow (https://github.com/tombeynon/alfred-pow) is a great compliment to this workflow and is called by the preview function. First, set up your editor with "octopow:editor". Then, set you current POW project with "octopow". You can create/edit/delete posts with "octopow:post". You can generate your site and preview it in POW using "octopow:preview". You can then deploy you changes with "octopow:deploy". This workflow assumes you have already setup your Octopress site and POW programs on your system. More to come!


version:     1.0    Aug 7, 2013  

download:  https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/blob/master/OctoPOW.alfredworkflow


2/4/2014 :- I updated the POW workflow that I use to https://github.com/tombeynon/alfred-pow.

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