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Can you help with a simple workflow?

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I would like a simple workflow that, when pressing a HOTKEY combo will COPY a file or multiple files/folders selected in "Finder" and automatically PASTE them to a SPECIFIED FOLDER.


Can anyone help me with this?


Hotkey > FIle Action > Notification ?









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Do you want them to always be copied to the same directory? If not (if the directory they’re copied to changes), you don’t even need a workflow (Alfred does it natively). Open PreferencesFile SearchActions, and make sure Copy To… is checked; then simply use it as a File Action (select the files and use the shortcut listed at the bottom of that page).

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Hi Vitor - thanks for the quick reply.  Had a go at that but it is more keys that a copy/paste in TotalFinder.  The folder will remain static.  If possible, I would like to have a simple hotkey to copy slected items (files or folders) tothe target folder - taking into account the possibility that a file with the same name may already exist.  Somehow needs an auto-rename if same name found in target directory?


Appreciate the help.



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