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"Eject All" notifications: One per volume ejected


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When I use the "eject all" command, Alfred overlays each volume's eject notification over the previous one, instead of stacking them. I'd prefer them to stack, so I can tell for sure that everything has ejected before I pull the plug on those drives. Please provide an option to have the notifications stack.

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It would be great if the "Eject All" command simply confirmed that all drives were ejected successfully (or listed any drives that were not ejected). I usually use the Eject All before unplugging an external USB Hard Drive, so the most important information is whether one or more logical drives were not disconnected.

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Hi everyone. 6 years later, this is still an unsolved issue.

I agree with @dgg's suggestion, to have 1 notification that reflects the overall 'ejection status' rather than the current message only informing the user about the 1st drive.


Can this be looked into? Many thanks!

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