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Stupid question...setting up hotkeys

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Hi. I'm sorry for what I'm sure is going to be a stupid question, but I can't figure this out, for the life of me. And I have searched the forums...


I've been using Alfred for a few years now. I recently upgraded to a new mac, and so I installed Alfred on it, and purchased the powerpack. So I should be able to setup hotkeys (like ctrl-alt-cmd-0) to open apps. I used Alfred to do that on my previous mac, and did that just by opening the Alfred preferences, clicking on the HotKeys icon, and setting it up.


But in this new version of Alfred, with the powerpack, I can't find the damn way to setup hotkeys. 


What am I missing? Sorry...and thanks in advance for the help.

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 What am I missing? Sorry...and thanks in advance for the help.


Hotkeys have been replaced with the significantly more flexible workflows. You now simply wire a hotkey trigger into any action or flow of actions you like.


A good workflow template to get you started is under the [+] button in the Workflow prefs called "Launch file group from hotkey". A good tip is if you are setting up lots of hotkeys to launch apps, put them all in a single workflow rather than lots of separate ones. This makes it much easier to review and edit them at a later date.


Let me know if you need any more help :)




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I actually rarely ever used Version 1. But, hotkeys on version 2 are set up in the workflows. I have a special workflow that I use to setup all of my hotkeys. You can see it here: http://db.tt/xJnBskKT

Or, you can just use the hotkey into a "Launch Apps/Files" block and drag and drop the application you want it to open. I first started doing it with Applescript commands and have not switched to the easier format. Alfred has a template for that as well. Look at the "+" at the bottom of the workflow names, the popup entry for "Templates", then the submenu "Files and Apps", and the top entry is "Launch file group from hotkey". Just set your hotkey and the file you want it to activate and you are off!


The workflow https://github.com/shawnrice/alfred2-workflow-help will allow you to print a pdf of all hotkeys and keywords in use by Alfred Workflows.


Check out this screen casts on how to use hotkeys in Alfred 2: http://technicallysimple.com/screencasts/alfred-2-hotkeys/


I hope this helps.

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