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1Password Bookmark EDITING


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Right now I find myself frequently opening 1password, searching for a particular site/bookmark to edit and either copying the password manually or editing it to change the password for greater security. What I want to do with Alfred it type/search for my bookmark in 1password much as I do with the integration the way it is now. But instead of pressing return to open and login that bookmark, I press something like shift return or whatever, to open it in 1password where  can work with it. This is something I do A LOT and it would be really nice to integrate with alfred somehow. Can this be done? Does anyone know of workflow method for this?

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This is really a request for the 1Password folks, not the Alfred community. Alfred is only using a file from inside 1Password to do what it does, it’s not terribly complex, and it can only go so far (what they allow, basically).

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