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Show Contents of App Bundles

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I'd love to be able to open application bundles (i.e., Show Package Contents) rather than launch or reveal them in Finder. A shortcut akin to the default ⌘+Enter used by "Reveal File in Finder" would be nice. That is, unless Alfred already has a mechanism to do this and I'm just being dense.

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Well, there is this: http://alfredtips.tumblr.com/post/4801608875/the-one-in-which-you-show-package-contents-need


If you have the Powerpack:


1 - Open Alfred preferences

2 - Click the 'Features' button in the top row

3 - In the left column click 'File Search'

4 - On the right pane click on the 'Actions' tab

5 - Under 'Default Actions' make sure "Show Package Contents" is checked so it will show up as a file action as in the above mentioned Alfred Hat Tips link.

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