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1Password 4 bookmarks additional URL

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Would it be possible for Alfred to read any additional urls that 1Password 4 allows user to now enter into the app. Then allow us to select which one we wished to log into. i.e. the myriad of Google sites etc.


BTW Yep also mentioned this to the 1Password folks, just covering my bases. ;)

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I'd like to have such a feature too.

I have an apple ID login, which is called "Apple ID". And when I'm typing "1p icloud" there is my Apple ID login appears to select.

Also I have yandex.ru accont, which is called "Yandex". But when I'm typing "1p money" Alfred isn't offering to login to address, associated with "Yandex" login, which is https://money.yandex.ru

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I know this is an old thread, but since no response was given thought I'd share.


I've requested this as well. Andrew explained that currently 1P4 doesn't expose this data to 3rd Party API. Reached out to 1P4 team to see if can update API. Maybe if more people "gently nudge" Agile Bits will be considered. :)


Thread here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3540-1password-4-multiple-url-support/?hl=1password

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