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More output layouts for Workflows are required


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Hi great developers, you really need to sea this http://www.so.com/ctrl.ctrl.html . I've no doubt that this software is identical to alfred, and I believe that alfred could do more things more creatively.


I've developed two small workflows, one of them is a qrcode generator, which outputs a picture. For now I've to save it down from remote server, and open it with Mac OSX native program Preview. But I think it would be much better if the picture was shown directly below the inputs area. Although there's an icon zone at the front of each result, it's really not enough. More layouts are really needed. You can check out that url address and will see many different layouts.


Further more, workflows could take alfred to an extensive new world. Along with the progress of workflows, more developers and users will dive into this world. So a workflow center might be a great idea. It might be a website, with some supervisions. People would feel easier to extend their alfred and thought alfred greater than ever, and developer could touch end user more easily.


The software above mentioned is running on windows for now, it's a great opertunity for alfred. Looking forward to see a better, stronger alfred! 

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