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Alfred fails silently when using the "Copy to..." action to copy a file to a device that does not have enough free space


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Expected behaviour:


When using the "Copy to..." action and there is not enough free space (i.e. USB drive destination is full), I expect Alfred to alert me that the destination does not have enough free space and optionally allow me to reselect the destination.


Actual behaviour:


Alfred fails silently.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Insert a USB drive with only a tiny amount of free space
  2. Launch Alfred
  3. Press space and then start typing to search for a file that is larger that the free space available on the USB device
  4. Press fn (action key) to get the action menu
  5. Select "Copy to..."
  6. Select the USB drive
  7. Nothing happens ... this is because Alfred is failing silently instead of alerting the user that there is not enough free space to complete the action.


Alfred v2.0.7 (205)

Mac OS X 10.8.4


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