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Alfred doesn't run workflows in a login shell. Why?

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This leads to a lot of confusion, as well as to need to setup environment in workflow items.


I believe this is to make workflow distribution easier; if workflows were subject to individual shell environments, they may not work on each individual's computer. I could be wrong, though  :unsure:


Maybe this should be a feature request. For example, when the language is set to 'bash' or 'zsh', a checkbox 'Load user environment' tells Alfred to use your configuration file when running shell scripts. Some note about what this button does would probably be good, too ;)


Cheers :) 

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There are only a few resources that you can count on being loaded on every Mac. Alfred does a pretty good job covering the standard ones. I'm sure, however, that you could write a bridge from a bash env to another one fairly easily -- if you have the need. However, there would be less of a demand for those environments because they're quite often not standard on all Macs. Adding extra environments that are not always available would bloat Alfred, which isn't that great.


You should be able to do most everything that you need from a bash environment anyway.

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