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Last.fm + Alfred = Alfred.fm

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As far as I can see, this workflow works as intended with Spotify as well.


By just adding com.spotify.client to the list of player identifiers, all workflow actions works with Spotify.

def player_running?
  %w{com.apple.itunes com.swinsian.swinsian com.spotify.client}.each do |player|
    return player if %x{osascript -e 'get running of application id "#{player}"'}.chomp == 'true'

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Hi Enhorn,


I would love to get this working with Spotify as well - but I cannot find the line you mentioned anywhere in the workflow folder. What I have (in alfredfm_helper.rb) is this:


def itunes_running?
%x{osascript -e 'get running of application id "com.apple.itunes"'}.chomp == 'true'

I suppose the direct-download-version of the workflow (on the first page) doesn't have the swinsian changes yet.

Could you maybe share your version of the workflow (with the changes applied)?


@Filipe, or maybe you could update the direct download, that would be awesome :)


Thanks and cheers, Anna

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Here's the link for the new release:




Mind that now it's more robust since instead of verifying only if the player is running, it also expects it to be playing a song: you can have iTunes and Spotify open, but if Spotify is playing and iTunes is not, the workflow will use Spotify instead of iTunes.

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