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Problem with converting Reminders extension by David Ferguson to workflow

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I'm trying to adapt this extension to Alfred v2:



First, I added a Keyword input.

- with space is checked

- argument required is selected


Then I added a Run Script action that looks like the following:




I also moved the reminder.scpt file to the workflow folder.


When I run the workflow, it will successfully create the reminder in Reminders.app, but it always sets the time as 12/31/69 6pm.


Any ideas? I'm not sure why this is behaving differently than the v1 version.



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I haven't toyed with it but its going to be in the WHEN section obviously. I would guess within the first 3 lines or the 4th line. Probably not setting the timezone appropriately or getting an error in the strtotime and then therefore causing problems when trying to get the date() and then it just returns the initial epoch time.


I would suggest taking the code in the WHEN section and putting it in a php file alone, add a few echoes to see values as it progresses. Then you can find exactly where it's dying. There may be an easier way to get the timezone (I'm sure there probably is. I think I've seen it in a plist, I just have to remember which one).

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