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Symbolic Link Creator

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Workflow to create a symbolic link to a designated file or directory. The file/directory to link against is designated by typing the keyword ”sym”  followed by the item’s path in the Alfred dialog box, or  by first selecting the item in the Finder and then using Alfred’s built-in Finder Selection action menu. The new symbolic link is saved to the Desktop by default.


Download Symbolic Link Creator


or clone repo from GitHub: github.com/Morse-Code/Alfred


- Chris

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The reason is my WordPress blog was giving me a hard time uploading the .alfredworkflow file. I didn't have time to mess with it so I just compressed it. I plan to take a closer look at what was going on tomorrow. All of the workflows I've created are also available on my GitHub repo: www.github.com/Morse-Code/Alfred. 


I have also added all of the workflows to AlfPT.  

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