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Quick Ref - Quickly reference files (e.g. cheat sheets) using quick look

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Welp, I did it.


Retooled the entire workflow to manage its own configuration, so no more tricky editing of JSON files.


Dunno if Michael's going to accept the pull request (I have virtually rewritten the workflow to make it accept command line options), but if anyone can't wait to get their hands on my new version for whatever reason, it's available to download here.


It includes the bugfixes for non-ASCII characters and invalid JSON problems should be a thing of the past (though you might have to delete your existing config file if it's borked).


The source code is here.

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That's awesome, thanks for all the work deanishe. I'd not noticed the config had not been working as I've been using the workflow for quite some time! Whoops :-S


Really appreciate the contribution and I'll take a look at your pull requests as soon as I can.

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Thanks for this awesome workflow! I'm going to echo a previous request. Is there a way to get it to open into full screen automatically? I looked through the code briefly but I couldn't find the part where you actually open quicklook. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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