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Problem with {query} paramater

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I have been trying to use a script to create an email with the entered query as the subject.  Everything seems to work perfect except that the subject is printed as {query} as opposed to the actual terms that I enter after the keyword.  Any help would be appreciated.  I have it setup that on the keyword it runs the NSapplescript and this is the script:



on alfred_script(q)
 tell application "Mailplane 3"
set theSubject to "{query}"
  set m to make new outgoing message with properties {directlySend:true, optimizeAttachments:true}
  tell m
      set r to make new to recipient at end
      tell r
          set address to "email address"
          set name to "name"
      end tell
      set subject to theSubject
      set content to " "
  end tell
  compose m
end tell
end alfred_script
Thank you.
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