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Strip formatting from clipboard text

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Hi, this is probably the shortest and easiest workflow ever but i thought i'd post it anyway in case anyone finds it useful aswell. It simply removes the formatting from the text on the clipboard.


So, if you copy some text from Firefox and paste it in an E-mail, often the pasted text will have a different font/text size/bold,italic formatting than the alredy present text in your e-mail.

To solve this i use "Cmd + C" , "Alfred -> Strclip" , "Cmd + V", and the text will now be pasted with the correct formatting.


There's also a native OS X shortcut for this (Cmd + Alt + Shift + V), however it doesn't work in a lot of Applications (for example Pages) and also... pressing those 4 buttons is nearly impossible :)



EDIT: added option to "strip and paste".



Download: https://github.com/notDavid/alfred-workflow-stripClipboardFormatting/raw/master/Alfred-Strip.clipboard.text.formatting.alfredworkflow

Github source: https://github.com/notDavid/alfred-workflow-stripClipboardFormatting



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You can make it even shorter and simpler. By adding a Copy to Clipboard node, you can relinquish pbcopy, and have the workflow automatically paste the text to the frontmost app. Something like this.

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If you go to Alfred Preferences, click on the Workflows icon, then at the bottom of the list of workflows, click the "+" sign, then choose Templates > Clipboard >  Paste as plain text from hotkey

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